TOMY provides new technologies and solutions that will revolutionize Life Science Research. It was founded as a manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges and autoclaves in 1958. To this day they keep improving and debuting new products.


TOMY SX Series Autoclaves

SX-Series (SX-500 & SX-700)

Maximized Chamber Capacity at Minimum Installation Space

A top-open lid, which can be operated easily with a single hand or foot, is provided with the SX autoclaves.

The main body is very compact owing to the design which provides thorough installation space saving.

A rapid air-cooling function (vessel-cooling fan) permitting reduction of chamber cool down time is provided as a standard feature. This is most appropriate for lowering the temperature rapidly on completion of the cycle.




High speed refrigerated micro-centrifuge designed for high performance and simplicity of operation.
  • Up to 3 rotors can be stacked without using tools, “Rack-in-Rotor”
  • Accommodates a high g-force centrifugation rack.
  • Accommodates a rack for 96-well PCR plate x 2.
  • Accepts up to 72 pcs Micro Vials or four 50 ml conical tubes.
  • Equipped with an imbalance detection system as a standard safety function.
  • ECO mode available to save power consumption.

One Spin

Mini Personal, Single Tube Spin-able Centrifuge
  • Quick spin-down
  • Lid close to spin, release hand to stop
  • Easy tube unloading
  • fits to universal power line
  • Compact design
  • Spin-column or Screw capped tube available

Multi Spin

Mini Personal, Cordless Multi-purpose Centrifuge
  • Battery operated
  • Can be active anywhere in the Laboratory
  • Interchangeable rotors for 2.0 ml microtube and PCR strip (both rotors included)
  • Just one push action to close/open
  • Motor over current & imbalance detection system
  • Equipped with 6 minutes timer

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