BioChromato® Smart Evaporator

is taking research to the next step.

Smart Evaporator C1

The Easy Way To Concentrate Your Sample

The Smart Evaporator with its unique spiral plug design makes it possible to evaporate solvents bump free utilizing our revolutionary vacuum assisted vortex technology.

This system is great for evaporating high boiling point solvents, such as DMSO or DMF, hands-free by using our air purging feature (inert gas required).

There is no need for messy and time-consuming nitrogen blowing. Its small size and easy setup using your own vials saves time and space.

Multi-Channel Smart Evaporator C10

Evaporate 10 samples at the same time!

The new multi-channel Smart Evaporator C10 has the same benefits as our single channel Smart Evaporator C1, however, now you can evaporate up to 10 samples (vials) at the same time.

The C10 is compatible with 1.5 mL, 6 mL, and 20 mL vials. The corresponding spiral plug sizes fits vials with inner diameters of 4~7 mm, 7~11 mm, and 11~17 mm.

If you do not want to run all 10 samples together, you can just attach a sealing plug without the spiral plug.

Multi-Channel Smart Evaporator K4

Evaporate 4 samples at the same time!

Due to popular demand, we are introducing the new multi-channel Smart Evaporator K4.  The K4 has the same Spiral Plug technology as our single channel Smart Evaporator C1, now with the ability to evaporate up to 4 vials in parallel.  Since you can evaporate directly in your sample vials, there is no need to transfer to a round bottom flask.

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