Microdialysis Syringe Pump, ESP-101


Microdialysis syringe/ Nanoliter Infusion Pump

  • Two syringe carriage with one motor drive.
  • Good for microdialysis and microinjection with 0.088 µm/step.
  • Select the diameter of the syringe and set the flow rate.
  • Adjust collar position of the drive screw to stop the drive before breaking the syringe.

Accurate and cost effective syringe pump. Designed to hold glass or plastic syringes of any make, from 10 μL to 10 mL. This is an infusion only pump. The internal diameter of the syringe is used by the control program to calibrate the pump and deliver the volume and flow rate selected.

For simplicity, the syringe diameter is also used to set the volume and flowrate units automatically.

In the event of a power interruption during operation, the pump can be programmed to either resume operation or remain stopped when power is returned.

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