Tethering System for Rats, TSU-20


TSU-20 includes: 2 ch Liquid Swivels (TCS2-23) 3 pcs, Balance Arm (TSB-23) 1 pc, Leash Tubing (WT-20T) 1 pc, Collar (NF-10) 1 pc and Teflon Tubing (JT-10) 2 pcs

The liquid swivel allows for eternal rotation with dual line connections. There are two channels, the center and side. The center channel has a smaller dead volume than the side channel, 1.5 µL and 4.5 µL, respectively. The distance between the swivel and the animal are automatically controlled with the balance arm. The animal needs to be connected with a reasonably stiff leash to turn the swivel. Therefore, the Teflon tubing of the microdialysis lines are covered with thick plastic which transfer the animal’s rotation stress to the swivel. This leash tubing (WT-20T) needs to be connected to the collar (NF-10) of the animal or fixed to the skull.  The ideal cage size is 35 cm tall,  30 cm x 30 cm. This cage (FC-30) is sold separately.

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