Richell Microresico® Low Bind 96-well Plate


Microresico® features a low level of peptide or protein absorption to the container wall without the need for coating.


With Microresico®, you can maximize the recovery of fluid samples.

Peptide Binding Analyses using HPLC


1) Incubate each tube with Trypsin-digested BSA for 24h.
2) Collect and concentrate the unbound peptides.
3) Dissolve each concentrate with 0.1% TFA/H2O.
4) Analyze by Nano RP-HPLC.
Control: Trypsin-digested BSA diluted with 0.1 TFA/H2O.

Protein Binding Analyses using ELISA


1) Incubate each tube with Adiponectin (0.75 ng/mL in PBS) for 3h.
2) Quantify the unbound Adiponectin by ELISA to determine the loss rate.

Fluid Recovery through Pipetting


1) Incubate each tube with dye-solution (Bordeaux S) for 1h.
2) Remove the dye-solution from the tube by pipetting, add 0.5ml distilled water to the tube, and analyze the absorption of the dye to determine the residual rate.


Material: Polypropylene, Non-sterile

Dimension: 86 x 128 x 14.4 mm

Bottom: V-Shaped

Autoclavable: 121℃ 20 min

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