Wireless Fiber Photometry

Obtain precise real-time measurements of neural circuits during operant conditioning.

Fiber photometry is a powerful ultra-fast technique used to measure calcium, neurotransmitters and other molecules in vivo. To use fiber photometry, genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs), dopamine indicators (DLIGHT1), norepinephrine indicators (GRABNE), and other fluorescent sensors are first expressed at the location of interest. An optical fiber is then used to both to excite the sensor and detect the resulting fluorescence.

But when used in freely moving animals, a long optical cable attached to the head of the animal can be problematic. The cable can impede movement in environments containing exercise wheels or shelters, and also alter social interactions. The cable can also cause artifacts when used with video tracking systems. For example, the cable often continues to sway after the animal has stopped moving, making it difficult for software to recognize freezing behavior. Placing all components on a headstage ends all of these problems.

TeleFipho includes all of the components required for fiber photometry – optical fiber, filter cube, light source, and photodetector – as well as wireless transmission hardware, all in a 3 gram headstage.

TeleFipho definitely will not block free behavior of your animals, enabling novel experimental approaches using fiber photometry.


  • World first commercial wireless fiber photometry
  • Small headstage / good for mice, rats, marmosets, etc.
  • Standard 2.5 mm ferrule cannula
  • Rechargeable by a dedicated charger
  • Adjustable excitation LED power
  • Adjustable signal offset
  • For GCaMP or GFP-like indicators
  • Half the price of traditional fiber photometry systems!

Simple setup – headstage, receiver and software

Stress induced GCaMP signal from orexin neuron in mouse hypothalamus. By courtesy of Dr. Daisuke Ono in Akihiro Yamanaka Lab, Nagoya University.

TeleFipho Standard Set

TeleFipho Standard Set consists of the following items:

  • TeleFiT 1x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
  • TeleFiR 1x TeleFipho Receiver
  • TeleFiCharger 1x TeleFipho Charger
  • TeleFiC_x 3x TeleFipho Cannula
  • TeleFiTool 1x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho
  • TeleFiDummy 1x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage
  • 1x TeleFipho software installer

(※) Please specify cannula length.

Stand Alone / External Recorder

TeleFipho receiver can be directly connected to PC via USB for fiber photometry data recording in TeleFipho software. TeleFipho software is good enough for simple raw data / low pass filtered data recording.

Data can be directly read from Matlab / Octave, or can be exported to ASCII format.
For more complicated online analysis and/or parallel recording of other physiological data, you can access photometry data as analog signal via BNC on the front panel of TeleFipho receiver so that you can connect external data recording system (e.g. PowerLab from ADI).


Headstage Weight 3 g
Headstage size12 x 12 x 22 mm
Excitation wavelengthLED peak 470 nm, Filter band 445~490 nm
Emission wavelengthFilter band 500~550 nm
Excitation power10~300 µW @ Fiber end (Adjustable)
Sampling rate100Hz
AD resolution16 bit
Photo sensorPhoto diode
Gain1010 V/A
Battery life2 hours @ Excitation power 30 µW
Transmission band2.4 GHz
Transmission distance2 m
PowerBattery powered, rechargeable
Receiver I/O1x Photometry analog out, 1x General purpose analog In (0~5V)
PC InterfaceUSB / TeleFipho software (for Windows 10)
Cannulacore: 400 µm / NA 0.39, Cladding: 425 µm, Ferrule: 2.5 mm
TeleFipho-setTeleFipho Standard Set
TeleFiTTeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
TeleFiRTeleFipho Receiver
TeleFiChargerTeleFipho Charger
TeleFiC_xTeleFipho Cannula
TeleFiToolInsertion Tool for TeleFipho
TeleFiDummyTeleFipho Dummy Headstage

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