O’Hara Restraint Operant Test, Task Forcer

With Task Forcer, you can start experiments right now.

Product Features
  • When using the correct procedure, there is no stress for the animal under restriction.
  • Learn fast without wasting time.
  • Reliable Stimulus presentation (Auditory, visual, odor, and more).
  • Best for recording neural activity.

System Setup

The subject is placed in the cylindrical applicator type restraint chamber made of stainless steel. The head of the subject is fixed with special metal fittings. Only the eyes, forelegs and mouth can move freely.

A constant horizontal moving torque lever with integrated water spout at the tip is placed in front of subject. This lever is the spout lever. By using the forelegs, the subject can operate the spout lever by pushing or pulling. Encoder present in the spout lever outputs lever movement. Spout lever movement range can be divided into GOAL/FORWARD/BACKWARD areas.

During trial, based on the position of the spout lever, decision can be made for correctness and liquid reward dispensed thorough the water spout present at the tip of lever. Various types of stimuli such as, sound, visual, odor, intracranial photo stimulation can be presented. All the presented stimuli are controllable by software. A variety of schedules are available on software.

Cables and speakers of this system are electromagnetically-shielded. This enables this system to be used with physiological recording system.


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