Free Maze: A reconfigurable maze that offers flexibility over task design

High-throughput behavioral testing systems that enable real-time measurements of neural activity with unprecedented precision.

Transition seamlessly between DIY maze configurations.

With the Free Maze system, researchers have the ability to design their own mazes to their own specifications. The Free Maze consists of individual corridor components that can be easily reconfigured into a variety of different maze types. Build upon mazes by simply adding more corridors. Mazes can be assembled with increasing complexity depending on the experimenter’s goal.

The Free Maze provides ultimate flexibility to researchers in several ways:

  • Design your own maze to your own specifications.
  • Easily reconfigure mazes for a variety of different tasks.
  • Build mazes of increased complexity by simply adding more corridors.
  • Compatible for mice and rats.

System mountable on breadboard floor.

System Components

Maze Design Examples

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