Tokai Hit Incubation System

Microscope Stage Top Incubator for Live Cell Imaging.

Precision temperature and CO2 control for ideal incubation and observation environment.

Compact Design

It offers precision temperature and CO2 control for ideal incubation and observation environment. It is a compact body placed on your microscope stage.
No need to place the entire microscope in a bulky incubator box anymore.

Clear Vision & Clear Image

The large clear glass top heater provides uniform temperature distribution. It prevents goal interference and condensation for clearer imaging and wider vision.

Long-term Stable Environment

The feedback sensor mechanism enables real-time, precise sample temperature feedback regulation. This maintains optimal sample temperature during lab environment disturbances.
A bath heater underneath the water bath maintains chamber humidity (~99%) at all times.

We provide Tokai Hit products only to Zeiss microscope users.

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