Portable Medium Exchange System

Automates culture medium exchange at low cost!

Suitable for applications with constant and frequent medium exchange. (e.g. iPS cell culture)
This system automates the conventional pipetting processes. Automating the feeding in and pumping out of cell culture medium. This helps reduce your workload during weekends and holidays . It also minimizes the variability between operators.
Designed for use in incubators which are available in most laboratories. Only place our Medium Exchange System in your incubator to save on costs and space!


  1. Automatic medium exchange
    The culture medium is exchanged automatically at a specified interval (3, 6, 12, or 24 hours).
  2. Can be used in an incubator
    The system can operate continuously for up to 7 days with batteries, and be placed in an incubator without any wiring.
  3. Accommodates a standard 6-well plate
    You can use a standard 6-well plate. Which reduces running cost and minimizes environmental changes resulting from introducing the system.
  4. Observable on a microscope
    The 6-well plate can remain in the system. You can place it on a microscope stage to observe the cells. Which also reduces environmental changes.
  5. Disposable
    All system components exposed to the medium are replaceable.


Case 1. hiPSC (human induced pluripotent stem cells)
Successful Colony growth was observed for 4 days after passage (engraftment). During which the culture medium was automatically exchanged by our system.

[Experiment Condition]

  • Cells: 253G1 Human iPS cells (NHDF reprogrammed by 3 factors; Oct3/4, Sox2, Klf4)
  • Feeder Cells: Mitomycin C treated SNL76/7 cells
  • Medium: DMEM-12 (including KSR, NEAA, PSG, 2-ME, bFGF)

[Data courtesy of Kidoaki S. Lab, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University (Japan)]

Case 2. Embryoid bodies (EB) of mouse iPS cells
iPS cells were cultured in Knockout D-MEM based myocardial differentiation medium using our system. Pulsation of differentiation-inducted cardiomyocytes derived from mouse iPS cells was observed.


Model NumberCEME-0102
Outer Dimensions194 mm (W) x 228 mm (D) x 140 mm (H)
Product WeightApprox. 500 g (Medium weight not included)
Power SupplyAA alkaline battery 
Applicable Culture Vessel6 well plate
Initial Required Medium Volume (per well)3 mL 
Volume Exchanged(per well)2.7 mL
Medium Exchange Interval3h/6h/12h/24h
Wetted Part MaterialSilicone, SUS304, PP
Bottle Capacity125 mL