BioChromato® Mass Spec Front End


Temperature Gradient System for DART®-MS

The ionRocket visualizes (identifies) the hardly seen compounds in your samples. It generates the heat gradient from the ambient temperature up to 600ºC at the rate of 100ºC per minute. It allows various compounds in your samples to be sublimated or vaporized.

The data obtained from the ionRocket application gives another axis of temperature besides the obtained data from DART®-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry). Since the temperature shifts by time in minutes, the given profile shows similar ones to chromatograms. The given data is three dimensional consisting of mass, temperature (=time) and intensity.



By measuring time-dependent changes in volatile compounds, users can measure flavor release phenomena. Then Volatimeship supports the sensory evaluation.

Sample chambers are designed to accomodate processes (pouring, melting, spraying) which shape the release of volatile compounds.

Users get time resolved mass spectra which correspond to real life conditions for sensory detection of aerosols.