Eicom Neurotransmitter Detection

World Leader in Electrochemical Detection and Microdialysis.


Ultra-High Sensitivity Electrochemical Detection

The HTEC-510 is the optimized HPLC-ECD (Electrochemical Detection) system. Analytical applications of electrochemical detection have already been prepared, all you need to do is choose the appropriate method and follow the detailed protocol. Then you can easily get the results.

The key to the sensitivity is the cell design. Eicom relies on a spring-loaded mechanism that always maintains the proper pressure. This structure allows the detector to quickly stabilize after the cell is opened and closed. Another benefit is that the working electrode can easily be accessed without any tools. In this way, the electrode can easily be wiped clean and reinstalled to ensure maximum sensitivity.

Component System, 700 Series

Expandability: Extra Pumps and Detectors Can Be Added

The ECD-700 is capable of generating different DC applied potentials on two working electrodes in a single cell or two different types of cells, amperometry, and coulometry.

This expandability will make it easy to transplant the established electrochemical applications from an existing system to acquire Eicom’s robust analytical solutions with sensitivity and stability.

It is possible to parallel two different analytical applications on a single 700 system or run an analytical application with a gradient mode.

HPLC Autosampler, Insight

Increase the Precision of HPLC Data

Increase throughput, your time and the precision of HPLC DATA.

The 96 well plate format means less time and labor moving samples between equipment. There is no need to label all the vials separately and no chance of mixing up the sample order. Insight also carries 300 µl-vials, commonly used for microdialysis.

  • The refrigerated sample compartment is enclosed.
  • Picks up 10 µl out of 12 µl or less with ease.
  • 2 x 96 well plates capacity.
  • Pre-column derivatization techniques.