HPLC Columns

World Leader in Electrochemical Detection and Microdialysis

Eicom HPLC Columns

Eicom provides a comprehensive product line of HPLC columns for neurotransmitter separations. Columns can be used with HPLC-ECD and other types of LCs.

Since ECDs are very sensitive to contamination in the HPLC columns, Eicom columns are very clean and are shipped at a ready-to-use condition.

Eicom provides complete analytical manuals for the users of Eicom HPLCs.

UHPLC & HPLC Columns

FlexFire delivers supreme durability and maximum flexibility.

FlexFire’s value and performance lies in its high-quality silica, the lifeblood at the heart of its creation. Applying 40 years of manufacturing expertise and an upgraded production system, Develosil has upgraded to the highest grade uniform, high-density, low-metal porous silica. With improved end-capping technology Develosil withstands the harshest of conditions and delivers use after use, beyond the highest expectations.

With its availability in multiple functional groups and particle sizes, FlexFire is carefully designed for scalability and transferability to have your whole operation covered, from R&D to QC.

Innovative polymer-based columns offering size-exclusion chromatography, HILIC, and sugar analysis columns.

Shodex HPLC Columns

They provide a wide range of separation columns for many applications.
Reversed-Phase & HILIC (polymer-based or silica-based), Ligand Exchange, Ion Exclusion, Ion Chromatography, Aqueous SEC (GFC), Multimode, Aqueous/Organic SEC, Organic SEC (GPC), Ion Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction, Affinity, Chiral Separation, GPC Clean-up, Column Switching Pretreatment.
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