L-column series

L-column series is the column for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC). It enables separation only by hydrophobic interaction. Due to the inhibition of the secondary interaction with residual silanol groups and metal impurities.

In 1990, the new end-capping method using high-temperature silylation was invented. It became a pioneer of the new-generation end-capping method. L-column2 ODS is capable of handling various issues of trace analysis and providing advanced analytical precision.


Eicom HPLC Columns

Eicom provides a comprehensive product line of HPLC columns for neurotransmitter separations. Columns can be used with HPLC-ECD and other type of LCs.

Since ECDs are very sensitive to contamination in the HPLC columns, Eicom columns are very clean and are shipped at a ready-to-use condition.

Eicom provides complete analytical manuals for the users of Eicom HPLCs.


Nomura Chemical HPLC Columns

Develosil HPLC columns provide high efficiency, high resolution separations.

Three modes are available in the Develosil range including reversed, gel filtration and normal phase. There are 5 types of C30 phase, 6 types of C18 (ODS) phase and 2 types of C8 phase available.

    • Spherical porous silica
    • Range of C18 phases for different selectivity
    • Range of C30 phases for high aqueous eluents and polar selectivity
    • Low metal ion content
    • 3 µm and 5 µm particle size
    • Hydrolytically stable at pH extremes


Shodex HPLC Columns

They provide a wide range of separation columns for many applications.
Reversed Phase & HILIC (polymer based or silica based), Ligand Exchange, Ion Exclusion, Ion Chromatography, Aqueous SEC (GFC), Multimode, Aqueous/Organic SEC, Organic SEC (GPC), Ion Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction, Affinity, Chiral Separation, GPC Clean-up, Column Switching Pretreatment.
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