FC-90 Microdialysis Fraction Collector

A small machine with a big job to do.


The new FC-90 Fraction Collector collects
microdialysis samples from up to 4 probes
simultaneously. Its quiet operation and
7″ (18 cm) wide footprint is ideal for small spaces.
Plus, the FC-90 is easy to control via Android devices.

While supplies last: $4,999

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96 well plates and re-closable seals allow you to transfer, store, or analyze all of your samples without keeping track of individual tubes. (We’re still compatible with tubes/racks though!) 

Protect every sample. Amuza Double Needles prevent both wear and contamination. The outer stainless steel needle pierces seals and septa, protecting the inner spring-loaded PEEK needle from wear. The inner needle delivers the sample to the bottom of the well without exposing sample fluids to metal components. Forced air cooling prevents condensation inside sample tubes. 

Control every feature with the Amuza Android app.
Collection can start immediately, after a delay, or
at a time of day (or night!).

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