Drinko Measurer

For accurate fluid intake measurements.

What makes the Drinko Measurer special is that it contains double ball bearings inside the nozzle of the sipper, which prevents leakage of excess liquid. When the force from a mouse or rat is applied to the tip of the sipper tube, a single drop of solution is applied.

Each bottle also contains a clip that attaches to the sipper tube in order to stabilize the bottle to the cage. This prevents it from being knocked out of place by the mouse or rat.

  • Restricts the liquid output to one drop at a time, improving accuracy
  • Choose between sipper tube and bottle lengths
  • All parts are autoclavable for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for conditioned taste preference/aversion, alcohol consumption, and drug delivery experiments.


Volume15 mL bottle 10 mL bottle
MaterialHeat resistant glass



65 mm (2.5 in)
90 mm (3.5 in)
120 mm (4.5 in)
ClipPen type clip
MaterialBody of cap: silicon tube; stainless (SUS304)
Pen type clip (SUS304)


Drug delivery: By dissolving your experimental drug into a solvent, you can simply use this as a means for drug delivery instead of having to inject your experimental animals. 

This is useful for drug dosing experiments and toxicology studies. 

You can also measure preference for the drug versus water, by combining two Drinko-Measurer systems per cage. 

Conditioned Taste Preference: Measure preference for a liquid by combining two Drinko Measurer systems and measuring consumption. 

Conditioned taste aversion: Similar to sucrose preference tests, measure conditioned taste aversion by pairing solution in one Drinko Measurer with a noxious stimulus. Preference or tolerance of the aversive liquid can be measured against water by using two Drinko Measurers.


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