DNA/RNA Extraction

QuickGene-Mini480 and Mini8L

  • High Yield, High Purity
    The QuickGene-Mini Series can isolate DNA/RNA in a stable manner in high yield. Extracted DNA/RNA can be directly used for PCR, RT-PCR, Sequencing, etc.
  • Easy and Rapid Processing
    Mini480: Up to 48 samples of 0.2 mL can be processed at once.
    Mini8L: Up to 8 samples of 2 mL can be processed at once.
  • Compact and Localized Design
    The QuickGene-Mini Series has an efficiently small footprint to save valuable bench space. Complete processing entirely on this system. There is no need to move across the lab to use the centrifuge.


  • Fully automated system for high throughput, high yield, and high quality samples of 2 ml
  • Integrated barcoding system to keep accurate records of samples.
  • UV Irradiation limits system contamination and decreases risk of cross contamination between samples.

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