DNA/RNA Extraction

QuickGene-Mini480 and Mini8L

  • High Yield, High Purity
    The QuickGene-Mini Series can isolate DNA/RNA in a stable manner in high yield. Extracted DNA/RNA can be directly used for PCR, RT-PCR, Sequencing, etc.
  • Easy and Rapid Processing
    Mini480: Up to 48 samples of 0.2 mL can be processed at once.
    Mini8L: Up to 8 samples of 2 mL can be processed at once.
  • Compact and Localized Design
    The QuickGene-Mini Series has an efficiently small footprint to save valuable bench space. Processing is completed entirely on this system. No movement across the lab to use the centrifuge is needed


  • Fully automated system for high throughput, high yield, and high quality samples of 2 ml
  • Integrated barcoding system to keep accurate records of samples.
  • UV Irradiation limits system contamination and decreases risk of cross contamination between samples.