At Amuza we provide innovative life science research instruments. Our own and of other manufacturers. These products are excellent research tools. Which will not perform as designed without knowledgeable support. That is why we are here. We provide technical and sales support with confidence in our knowledge and experience. The brands listed below are provided and supported by Amuza.

Amuza Inc provides innovative life science research instruments to researchers in North and South America, who can be confident in our knowledge, experience, and support.

Amuza is the creator of the Microdialysis Fraction Collector, FC-90, which is designed to work with 96-well plates to ease the transfer of samples.

And the following brands are represented under the Amuza brand:
Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics and Richell Low Bind Plates.

BioChromato develops laboratory equipment and consumables that enhance the efficiency of research and development in pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology related fields.

The most popular product is the Smart Evaporator, which is bump free and enables efficient concentration of solvents such as DMSO and DMF. A Multi Channel Evaporator is also available.

The other line of products are enhancements for DART® Mass Spectometry: ionRocket and Volatimeship.

Eicom is a world leader in Electrochemical Detection and Microdialysis.

They offer two HPLC systems, the All-in-One (HTEC-510) with superb sensitivity and a component HPLC which can be built on (700 Series). Amongst other parts, Eicom provides a comprehensive product line of HPLC columns for neurotransmitter separations.

If you are analyzing Nitrates and Nitrites, the NOx Analyzer (ENO-30) is a specialized HPLC that separates and detects nitrites and nitrates in various biological fluids.

Increase throughput, your time and the precision of HPLC DATA with the “INSIGHT” Autosampler (AS-700).

Nomura Chemical Co. started and continues to be a maker of Develosil HPLC columns since 1979. The company manufactures from the silica gel to the final column. The patented C30 phase has unique characteristics and can be used for many pharmaceutical applications.

Three modes are available in the Develosil range including reversed gel filtration and normal phase. There are 5 types of C30 phase, 6 types of C18 (ODS) phase and 2 types of C8 phase available.

For forty-years, O’Hara & Co., Ltd. have been developing, manufacturing, and selling equipment for behavioral experiments and behavioral analysis.

Within the Learning and Memory experiment products, the TaskForcer: Restraint Chamber for Operant Conditioning, Touch Panel: Automated Operant Chamber, Self Head-Restraining Platform: An automated platform with voluntary head fixation and FreeMaze are offered through Amuza Inc.

S-Bio offers a line of cell culture labware, specializing in 3D cell culture, with demonstrated high performance. They provide extremely low adhesion cell culture labware based on PrimeSurface® hydrophilic coating process.

They provides superior quality 3D cell culture plates with variety of well shapes to enable spheroid culturing of your specific cell type. They also provides glycomics solution for complete structure & binding analysis studies.

With over 1000 different HPLC Columns covering all separation modes, they can provide the perfect column for your analytical needs. Shodex™ is best known for innovative polymer-based columns offering size-exclusion chromatography, HILIC, and sugar analysis columns.

Strex manufactures innovative biological research instruments. Such as mechanical stress-inducing instruments (Cell Stretching System) for tissue and cell samples. As well as a benchtop cell freezing device (Controlled Rate Freezer) to preserve precious cell samples.

Scaffold-Free and High Performing “biomolded” tissue created entirely of your cells and their self-produced ECM is possible with the Net Mold from Tissue By Net.

TOMY provides new technologies and solutions that will revolutionize Life Science Research. It was founded as a manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges and autoclaves in 1958. To this day they keep improving and debuting new products.