Providing a better research experience.

Our Mission.

To provide better research experiences, and improve the quality of human lives.

To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees.

Our Vision.

Where is the Amuzament Park?

The Amuzament Park is in Amuza’s office/lab, our website, and our exhibition booths. Further, it’s located in current and future customer labs and our manufacturers’ factories. The Amuzament Park not only exists in physical places but it comprises everything that’s part of the Amuza “community.” Though these places may not yet officially be the Amuzament Park, someday they will be part of it.

What is the Amuzament Park?

It is a very fun place like well-known amusement parks, but it is not fun in the same way that rides or attractions are. It is the kind of fun that comes from intellectual satisfaction and personal reward from contributing to society, especially to human health.

Why is the Amuzament Park so intellectually fun?

Amuza provides solutions to our customers through innovative research tools. Researchers can also request improvements, turning their requests and desires into a better reality. Though this can be very challenging for us, we love and accept challenges.

At the Amuzament Park, people connect, customer to customer, customer to Amuza, customer to the manufacturer, manufacturer to Amuza, exchanging knowledge, and experiences to bring change to these parties and relationships.

The combination of innovative tools, know-how and great support provided by Amuza bring customers success, allowing them to produce great results and medical innovations. These processes bring us fulfillment.

We enjoy challenges, and make our office/lab an upbeat and fun place!

Our Story.

Amuza was created by a neuroscientist with the goal of supplying researchers in the Americas and Europe with specialized research tools from Japan. We aim not only to provide top quality tools with specialized applications, but technical expertise and superior customer support to help researchers succeed and enjoy their journey.

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Amuza’s 5 Daily Practices of Employees

In the Amuza Philosophy book written for Amuza employees, there are about 70 pages to explain how we work. It is too much for most employees to digest and turn into a practice, here is the essence of the book.

  • Be ridiculously open-minded to evolve
    Swallow before digesting. Accept suggestions or advice before questioning. Any story or phenomenon in front of us could be a great suggestion. Accept criticism and appreciate it. Have a moment to observe yourself.
  • Possess strong willpower
    So many difficulties and obstacles are in the way of our business. Conquer the obstacles. We focus on finding solutions. Looking for reasons why you don’t try is called “excuse”. The only way we can better the business is through our non-selfish desire to make things better. The biggest obstacle could be our minds. Determination and strength of mind succeed, anxiety fails.
  • Take actions and challenge with courage
    Everything changes even if you resist. Learning and thinking are necessary but not enough. Take actions! Then observe the outcome from the action. Learn from the action and take the next action. To make the right change, you may need to leave something behind and require true courage.
  • Be kind, sincere and thankful
    Our business is something making our society better. We possess love, altruistic minds. Feeling thankfulness and saying thank you is the first step.
  • Smile! Have fun
    When living cheerful and positive, things move toward positive. Especially when we get into tough situations, you remind yourself to smile. Make your job fun. The process to make the job fun is already fun. Let’s go to the Amuzament park!