Regenova 3D Bioprinter

Construct 3-dimensional Tissue with the unique “Kenzan” method

The “Kenzan” method is a novel platform technology for high-density cell architecture. It is “Scaffold free”, therefore the cells are more active due to easy access to medium and oxygen. How it works:

Spheroid preparation. Form cellular aggregates with single or mixed cell types.

3D Printing with the “Kenzan” method. Assemble cellular spheroids into a three-dimensional shape on Kenzan according to the pre-designed 3D data.

Maturation. Culture 3D-printed tissue in a bioreactor to promote self-organization of cells until the tissue presents the desired function and strength.


Regenova Accessories

Get direct access to all of the Regenova’s accessories.

  • Kenzan Needles
  • Nozzle
  • Perfusion Chamber
  • Kenzan Base Plate
  • Kenzan Container
  • etc…

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